Best Marketing Product I Have Ever Used

After all the time and money I have spent to try and test to get the right email tool at a good ONCE OFF price…   trust me here it is! Collect Maximum Leads Using Hundreds of High Converting Lead Pages Boost Email Delivery, Click and Open Rates Instantly Send UNLIMITED Emails To UNLIMITED Subscribers on 100% Autopilot

Motivated Sellers

I was having a chat with one of my agents today and we were speaking about seller motivation in the context of our earlier sales meeting and how it can best be determined. Besides the topic of marketing, of course, most agents spend too much time discussing PRICE with a seller when listing, instead of


The secret formula to write great ads “AIDA” stands for: Attention – Grabbing the reader’s attention to make sure they continue to read-on. Interest – Making sure they’re interested in what you have to offer. Desire – Creating an unquenchable desire to make an appointment with you. Action – Making your reader accomplish your desired

Professionals Do Research

UP YOUR GAME! When did you last do some area research?   When planning your marketing you have to ask yourself two critical questions; (1) Geographically where do the buyers for my area come from? (2) As far as Marketing Activity is concerned what is the best way for me to reach buyers looking in

Developing a “$harp-$hooter” Real Estate $trategy

Developing a “$harp-$hooting” Real Estate $trategy Successful agents know that when things get quiet as they will do every now and then, they need to always GBTB – Get back to basics! Although selling real estate is not easy it is deceptively simple. We all know as salespeople that there are few professional problems in

Steve Johnstone – The Starting Point

Many real estate agents suffer from the idea that door-knocking, cold-calling, direct mail, geographic farming and print & online advertising are the only ways to create enough market awareness to prosper as an estate agent. BUT NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH And if you’re an estate agent who wants to generate more high-quality

DataJeo – One of those magic tools!

“There are slightly better tools … but at ten or twenty times the price. This is easy and fun” – Andre de Villiers Imagine if you KNEW who your ideal customer was, what they were searching for, what problems they had (that you could solve) Where they hung out And the best possible way to

Investing in a Personal Brochure

They are called many things; Personal Brochures, Agent Profiles, CV Sheets or just a Resumé. I strongly encourage this as it has a number of uses the two most important being; 1) It is an essential component of your Pre Listing Pack 2) The same info is an essential component of your Area Blog In the